Resource Library

Often, we get asked: "where can I go to read more?" In response, we have compiled a Resource Library - a set of resources pertaining to gender, sex, sexuality, patriarchy, non-normative identities, rape culture and anything else that we may find interesting/important/relevant.

  • These resources are intended to:

  • 1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of gender, sex, sexuality and related issues.

  • 2. Promote discussion.

  • 3. Equip individuals with the language and theoretical tools necessary to engage in informed conversation

Each resource has a "difficulty level" ranking attached to it which tags it as "beginner", "intermediate" or "advanced". The "beginner" resources are intended to introduce individuals to gender discourse and equip them with foundational knowledge. The "intermediate" and "advanced" resources aim to challenge and provide new perspectives to individuals already engaged in gender discourse. The resources comprise of NCFW Worksheets (worksheets that we have designed), NCFW Articles (articles that we have written for other publications) and Other Resources (fantastic things we have stumbled upon in the World Wide Web).

The NCFW Resource Library is as much YOUR library as it is ours. It shall remain an ongoing, collaborative project.

NCFW Worksheets

We have created a set of easy-to-read worksheets on topics we consider significant. To read a worksheet, please click on the relevant icon. If you wish to circulate a worksheet, distribute our material, or use it as an educational resource, please email first. We only ask that you notify us and give us due credit.

Build Our Library!

The NCFW Resource Library is YOUR library. We wish to be your favourite database on all things gender, sex, sexuality and India! If you find an online resource that you believe has its place here, email it to us at with "RESOURCE SUBMISSION" as the email subject and tell us in 2-3 sentences why you think we should include it. Happy reading!