Every act of sexual violence is nested within a much broader network of interconnected social imbalances.

Daily occurrences – such as belittling boys for crying and expecting girls (but not boys) to learn cooking at a young age – are constantly sanctioned as "normal". The fear of being stigmatized and ridiculed, or being told that we are "overreacting", keeps us from talking about our experiences. We are told to “not make a big deal and move on”. We write off the problem as unimportant. We remain silent because we think we are the only ones.

To tackle systemics gender-based discrimination at its roots, we must recognize that seemingly “harmless” incidents feed into the same imbalanced power structures that lead to rape.

NCFW presents: Break The Silence is a campaign based on visuals created from anonymously submitted real-life stories of everyday gender-based discrimination. We ask you to share your experiences and make it known that gender-based oppression is NOT OKAY. We hope that your experiences will encourage those around you to raise their voice.

Join us: #speakup and #breakthesilence

Call For Submissions

Would you like to #speakup and #breakthesilence? Join our campaign! Email us your thoughts, stories and anecdotes at contact@nocountryforwomen.org with SUBMISSION as the email subject. Please limit your submission to 2-3 lines ONLY.